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Hi, I'm Tyler. I'm a rising sophomore at Colby College who likes to write code. I love all things STEM and I'm double majoring in CS and Physics. I am currently working on starting my own software company, but I'm also always hunting for internships.

Aside from my academic endeavors, I am a fan of all things Sci-Fi, an exceptionally average video game player, a part-time employee as an audiovisual technician, and a full-time consumer of coffee.

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Employers want portfolio websites, period. I’ve conducted research and spoken to many individuals who have or currently hire for a living, and they all say that a portfolio is necessary for the application process today. A portfolio brands a student as forward-thinking, tech-savvy, and gives these potential employers a better look into who they are as a person and lets them showcase the awesome work products and projects that they’ve worked on in the past. We intend to increase the number of internship and job offers that our customers receive by providing them with an incredibly fast and easy way to create a website and secure an online presence. Students lack the technical and design skills to effectively use the products that exist on the market today. PieFolio streamlines the process of creating a portfolio website, and it does so via form-based submission. A user simply selects colors, fonts, fills out text field option, uploads images; and the rest is taken care of automatically; populating the theme that I use for my own website with their information and preferences and publishing the site. Sign up for the waiting list today!

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At Eariously, I learned what it’s like to launch a startup and create software solutions to real-world problems. I created and optimized a morning listening service prototype product based on students’ needs after interviewing over 30 students, leading to a permanent feature. I worked on developing and refining the onboarding system to get listeners started. I helped reduce onboarding time from 5 minutes to 60 seconds from QR code to listening. I also worked with company’s two co-founders, 10 fellow interns, and more than 200 students to prioritize software development backlog. Learn more.

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"renaissance" is an art installation I helped create for CS267, a course at Colby College. The audience approaches a blank canvas and a webcam snaps a photo of them. A neural style transfer is then performed on the image, and the user is "painted into" a famous work of art. Learn more.

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frc team 58

I was the lead programmer for my high school's FIRST Robotics Competition team, Team 58, The Riot Crew. I was responsible for the development of the software to control the robot each season. Learn more.

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maine app challenges

I finished third place in the 2017 Maine App Challenge, and second in 2018. The competition is sponsored by Tyler Technologies, a Maine-based software company. In 2017, I developed the SoPo Spark Project, an app aimed to create change by assigning users daily good deed challenges. In 2018, I created STEMGirlz, a platformer game in which you meet famous women from STEM history to improve the representation of women in these fields. I won scholarship money for the apps that I developed. Learn more.

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